St. Louis Hates Jason Motte via Twitter…and Then Likes Him via Twitter

The Cardinals had quite a roller-coaster of a weekend, but that’s even more true for Cardinal closer Jason Motte who blew the save Saturday night, but then closed out the win on Sunday evening. You didn’t even have to watch the games to know that, you could have just watched Twitter! Here’s the crazies going off on Motte on Saturday night: Those aren’t even the worst. The crazy prize goes to @Crazy_Corwegian, who posted the following: “seriously jason motte, take a gun to your head tonight and shoot yourself. [Read More]

Cardinals Fan Does Something Dirty Next to Jim Hayes on Fox Sports Midwest

Much of the St. Louis area had their TVs tuned to the Mizzou game Saturday night, and if that describes your TV, you missed this on the Fox Sports Midwest broadcast of the Cardinals game: No, Jim Hayes’ rug isn’t all that interesting, but the guy just to the left of his rug, making the universal “rug munching” sign is pretty funny. …and the “Missouri Lottery Cardinals Live” is up next! [Read More]

Here’s Cardinal Prospect Kolten Wong With His Shirt Off Talking About His Tattoos

The Cardinals are looking for anyone that can make them suck less on a regular basis, but it’s said they are not looking for help at second base. The reason? Kolten Wong (he’s the shirtless guy above). Here’s the Cardinals prospect doing a video for someone about living in Springfield, MO (where the Cardinals AA team is located), his family back home in Hawaii, and something about his tattoos which was clearly a question designed to get him to take off his shirt. [Read More]

SNY Broadcasted Mets No Hitter Reaction From Both R.A. Dicky and an Actual Dick

So the Cardinals got no-hit last night by the Mets…which sucks…and it’s even bigger news than a “regular” no-hitter since it’s the first one ever for the Mets, so it’s all over the news…which sucks more. Sliver lining: While interviewing today’s Mets’ piture about the no-hitter, Mets channel SNY accidentally broadcast a full set of dick and balls. Here’s the screenshot as uploaded to Reddit by “pminkin” earlier today (which we’ve edited by drawing a cartoon dick over the actual dick…not R. [Read More]

The World’s Stupidest Tattoo Features 2011 World Series

It was a hot Memorial Day weekend in St. Louis, so you no doubt bore witness to a large number of dudes peeling their shirt off by the lake or BBQing or other mundane situations that make guys think they should take their shirt off. While all those shirts where being pulled off they no doubt uncovered lots of horrible things like fat, hair, oddly large nipples and more often than not, horrible tattoos. [Read More]

Fox Sports Midwest Thinks All Middle Infielder Bench Players Are the Same

Good catch by the tip line from yesterday’s Cardinal game. Poor Daniel Descalso, he’s only going to hit a few home runs each year, so the least Fox Sports Midwest could do is get the man’s name right as he rounds the bases.

Of course it could be worse. They could have called him “Bench Player Guy”, like poor “Minor League Guy” from spring training.


KSDK Found Shorts For the Cardinal Game Streaker (Updated)

_Update: The is word that it wasn’t Photoshopped, but he was brought the shorts from the stands. The videos don’t show that however. Apologies to KSDK._ Original post follows because we just can’t let that Pirate Pants thing we made go to waste. Everyone is all over the Cardinals streaker story this morning because some guy running around with his junk out is widely entertaining during a Cardinals game and a captive audience, but not funny at all when we do it at the mall or at a Pee Wee Football game. [Read More]