SNY Broadcasted Mets No Hitter Reaction From Both R.A. Dicky and an Actual Dick

Well, let’s do this CIS style: The clues: Team: Mets. Possible culprits: 25 Since he is showering that day, it likely narrows it down to one of the ten players who appeared in Friday night’s game. Race: White. Torres, Santana, Quintanilla – you’re out. Penis status: circumcised (I’m looking at you, Ike Davis) Pubes status: shorn. The penis is likely attached to an unmarried player who still feels as though he needs to impress the ladies [Read More]

Cardinals Played a Lot of Baseball Saturday Night

Total Game Time: 6 hours 53 minutes Players Used: 46 At Bats: 158 Pitches: 652 Walks: 19 Strikes Outs: 35 Retarded Tony LaRussa Moves: At least 3. The players found it exciting, the fans found it boring and Tony LaRussa found those pot brownies the Brendan Ryan was saving until after the game. “That’s the fist time I’ve been part of something like that,” said first baseman Albert Pujols. “That was pretty special right there. [Read More]