Photos: Abandoned Forest Park Hospital One Year Later

A St. Louis Reddit (/r/StLouis) user snuck in to the now abandoned Forest Park Hospital and snapped a few photos. For only being abandoned a year ago, shit sure got haunted fast! Here’s a few of our favorite shots: Shouldn’t there be a creepy, pale ghostly janitor cleaning this up? Seems like that’s something that someone should have grabbed on their way out the door. Did a zombie outbreak close this place down or what? [Read More]

Guy Fieri Was at Lake of the Ozarks, Went Really Fast On an Ugly Boat

Food Network star and host of the always on “Diners Drive-ins and Dives” Guy Fieri spent at least part of his weekend at Lake of the Ozarks. We know this because of this tweet bragging about his lake activities: That seems a tad unsafe, but we couldn’t find a posted day time speed limit or a limit on how stupid your boat is allowed to look, so there you go. However, we highly doubt that Mr. [Read More]

The Onion’s Take on the Hipster Kickball Teams is Pretty Dead On

We missed it when it was originally published, but The Onion, the hugely popular fake news site, printed a surprisingly on point send up of the Tower Grove kickball leagues. Bar Owner Cannot Fucking Believe He Actually Sponsored An Adult Kickball Team The team, known as the Ballbusters, is a group of grown men and women from Trimble’s neighborhood who play competitive kickball matches against other area teams of grown men and women on Sunday afternoons in Tower Grove Park. [Read More]

Guy on Reddit is the First Across the new Grand Bridge

The new Grand Avenue Bridge is finally open, one lane each way, after about 18 months and apparently it’s pretty cool. We’ve haven’t taken it for a test drive yet, but this guy on Reddit claims to be the first across it after the opening on his bike and he said it was cool. Today at 2:46PM, after a 2 year [sic] wait (and seconds after the ribbon cutting) I piloted the first vehicle to cross the newly opened Grand Avenue Bridge. [Read More]

St. Louis Pride Parade 2012

Update: Video embed fixed.

We, like thousands of others, took in the 2012 edition of the St. Louis Pride Parade Sunday. As always, the parade was entertaining as ever, but the unofficial theme of the parade might well have been “Too Much of a Good Thing” as the parade stretched on well past 2 hours in length. By 2pm most of the crowd had started to shift in to the park, any only a few people, including the little guy with the meth-teeth who tried to pick a fight with us over…well we still aren’t sure, hung around taking photos of the umpteenth political campaign handing out little wastes of money. Of course, while the parade was crazy long, the reason it was long was worth the sunburn: Lots of groups wanted to show their support for the Pride Day message, and that’s great. We have a little slide show with the full parade (in 3 minutes!) and after the jump, we have a few of our favorite shots from the day which have been laid out in a nice, non-stupid ass slideshow format that everyone else does:

Click through the jump to see the best shots of the day!

[Read More]

The 5 Best Cherokee Street Cinco de Mayo Moments

We had a great time at Cinco de Mayo despite the heat that the lack of shady spots. The tacos were good, and music was lively (and hopefully not making fun of us since we had no idea what they were saying) and the photo ops were plentiful. Here are our favorites. [Editor’s Note: Also, thanks for your help in funding the Cherokee Street parade’s Kickstarter campaign! It was just barely funded before time ran out. [Read More]

Quick! Help Fund the Cinco de Mayo Parade

It’s no secret that one of our favorite things that St. Louis does every year is Cherokee Street’s Cinco de Mayo festival and the 4 year old parade. The parade is an awesomely random collection of weird costumes, bands, people riding scooters and cute little kids dressed as…well…it’s pretty clear they made their own costume. After that it’s street tacos and latin bands singing about who the hell knows what while old white ladies dance. [Read More]

Tonight: Kyle Turley at Blueberry Hill

Need something to do tonight? Want to show your friends how brave you are? Well come on down to the Loop (No, not the “shooty” side of The Loop, the other side!) and hang with ex-Ram, current Drew Brees fan club president and friend of the site Kyle Turley. Here’s the scoop from Gridiron Records: Kyle makes his return to St. Louis after opening for Lynyrd Skynyrd at The Family Arena last June. [Read More]

The Loop’s El Maguey: Now Serving Cock?

You spend your lunch hour on this lovely Friday afternoon at a local Mexican establishment and everything was pretty nice…except for the bill. Good thing we won’t be expensing this meal, or we’d probably have some explaining to do. We really don’t remember ordering that, and even if we accidentally ordered it by saying the Spanish word for it we definitely would have sent it back. We hate to be the guy to send things back to the kitchen because you look like such a douche, but “cock”, even for only $2, is where we draw the line. [Read More]