Awesome St. Louis Drummer is Awesome

Justin Bess is a drummer for local metal band Aegaeon, which we think is pronounced “never-heard-of-you”, but we love this video of Bess killing it on the drums. Check out Aegaeon’s band pagefor more videos, a distinct lack of Bess as their drummer, and photos of them looking like they’re unhappy someone is taking their photo. Standing still for a second is so not metal. Update: Here are their more updated Facebookand Twitterpages (the photo thing still applies in both cases). [Read More]

Even More Mardi Gras Videos

Our post yesterday about the best of YouTube’s drunken Mardi Gras offerings has brought some new challengers to our original list.

We’d be remiss if we didn’t also bring some attention to the following runners up:

Preppy Guy Does the Drunken Version of the History of Dance

Girls Stumble Around Like Drunken Retards and End Up With 100,000 Views on YouTube, Easily Enough for It to Make It To Their Bosses Inbox


The Best of Mardi Gras Videos

Mardi Gras weekend is in the books for another year, and whether you abstained from this year festivities or partook, but don’t remember, it’s ok, because cell phones and YouTube are here to help! Here a few of our favorite YouTube uploads from Mardi Gras weekend: #3: The classic drunk girl that “needs” to get to a far away bar with her passed out friend Don’t give them a ride! One, you know that passed out friend will puke the minute her ass hits your back seat and two, she “needs” to go to that bar to meet a guy…it’s always a guy…so that theory you’re working with right now where she gets there and is so grateful she touches your wiener, will not happen. [Read More]

YouTube’s Currently Popular Laughing Baby is From St. Louis

Another day, another “viral” laughing baby video on YouTube. The current baby is laughing because his dad ripped some paper in front of him (again) and he’s from St. Louis. [Father, Marcus McArthur] says he’s finishing up his doctorate at SLU and applying for professor jobs. When he received yet another rejection letter he ripped it in half and baby Micah started laughing uncontrollably, so he started ripping credit card statements and the sweet sounds of laughter continued. [Read More]

John G is a Really Good Dancer

“John G” is a professional karaoke singer somehow. This is his story we found on YouTube.

He lives in St. Louis so it makes sense.

If you get that dumb-founded hypnotized feeling after watching the video it’s because of his crazy awesome dance moves…or because you just realized someone can be considered a “professional karaoke singer”.

via the Twilight Zone or something equally f*cked up but actually real.

Great Moments in Native St. Louisan History: Akon Throws a Dude Off-Stage

St. Louis has a rich tradition of fine people hailing from our city, sloppy with “midwestern values” they move out in to other cities always carrying with them the badge of “St. Louis Native”. We don’t think some of these people get enough credit, so we, from time to time, will honor these fine individuals reaching for the stars. Today’s feature? Rapper and St. Louis native Akon. It was over 3 years ago when perma-angry rapper and native St. [Read More]
akon  concert  rap  throw 

The Daily Show Visits Missouri to Take on the Puppy Mill Proposition

Thursday night, Comedy Central’s The Daily Show revealed that correspondent Olivia Munn was in Missouri checking out the story on our infamous Puppy Mill law, aka Proposition B. Dammit! Why didn’t anyone else think of asking Dog Whisperer, Ceasar Milan about the puppy mil. It would have been over and done from the start and we wouldn’t have to hear people argue about puppies all the time. We figured if you added puppies to anything it made it cuter, but that is apparently not the case with politics. [Read More]

Steve Jackson Talks About Rams Receivers, Lockouts and Hair on the T. Ocho Show

Where can the St. Louis Rams all-time leading rusher go to talk about the lack or Rams receivers, a possible NFL lockout and how great his hair is, all while looking like he’s getting his senior photo taken? Versus T. Ocho show!

The awkward show, hosted by…um…it doesn’t matter, with controversial Cincinnati wide receivers Terrell Owens and Chad Ocho Cinco on a big screen, has a weekly guest that the two receivers mumble questions at while the host tries to save the show and try not to catch a look at himself in something reflective and have an instant suicidal reaction to where he career has lead him.

On how T.O. was nearly a Ram this past offseason:

Owens: “I was like…litterally 24 hours away from being in St. Louis and this T. Ocho wouldn’t be possible right now.

Jackson: No it wouldn’t man. You know. We would have been a good tag-team, bro, you know. You wouldn’t have to fight for catches around here, I’ll tell you that.

[Awkward laughing]

On the differences in the show if Jackson was one of the hosts:

Jackson: It seems that you are lacking some style, some hair. I would bring a whole different angle from it.

On the possibility of an NFL lockout next year:

Jackson: Well the lockout is definitely possible. It’s something we need to be conscious about and we tell the young kids to save their money and be prepared for a lockout.

Interesting, but stupid…just like Terrell Owens himself. The important thing is that none of that stupid transfered to our boy SJ39. You’re cool, right Steve?!

Well, crap.

(Full video after the jump!)

via Saturday’s Bernie Bits

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