5 On Your Side Has Full Blown Ads

Three quick questions, dear readers: When did KSDK decide to start calling themselves “5 On Your Side”? Was “5 Why Do We Exist Outside of Jeopardy Syndication” even considered?! Was it the same time that they just gave up on their website? Anything big happen since we stopped posting regularly? No globally attention-getting race wars or anything? Oh, good. I was worried the place went to hell since we left. [Read More]
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Quick Fixes For The Local Meda, Part 2: Because We Still Care (Harder)

Earlier this week we took some time out of our day, pressed pause on our continual Mila Kunis British interview watching, and told the St. Louis media how to fix themselves…and then we waited. Waited for the “Oh you think you’re so smart!” or “You deserve to get more than the usual amount of ass cancer!” emails/comments/tweets to come rolling in, but they never did. Instead we got things like this: [Read More]

Quick Fixes for the Local Media, Because We Care

Update: Added Punching Kitty.com What follows is a list of the major players in local St. Louis media along with the reasons why they suck and what they can do to suck less. This is us giving back and you’re welcome everyone. We won’t even feel bad when you do some of this stuff in a few months and don’t bother to credit us. STLToday.com This is going to be a continuing theme on this list, but STLToday is the biggest offender: Stop pretending the rest of the internet doesn’t exist. [Read More]

KSDK Announces New “Dancing With the Stars” Cast, Just Uses Any Old Black Guy For DL Hughley

Update: The slideshow has since been fixed by KSDK, and you’re welcome DL Hughley! Original post follow… Is this DL Hughley? Anyone? Eh, close enough. I remembered he was black…and a comedian…how many of them can there be? Good try KSDK, but a whiff for sure. One might ask: “Why the hell is local news channel KSDK making incorrect slide shows concerning the cast of a long-running national reality show that airs on a different local affiliate? [Read More]

KMOX Decides Who is “Pervy” Now

This morning KMOX posted a story about a Wright City, Missouri man was hoarding a stash of panties, sex toys, and “feminine hygiene products” he allegedly acquired from various burglaries. They also make mention of the man’s new nickname (emphasis ours)… A 19 year-old eastern Missouri man has a new nickname after police found him hoarding 59 pairs of women’s underwear along with female clothing, sex toys, photographs and feminine hygiene products in his bedroom. [Read More]
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So Much Snow!

Attention St. Louis: The two local news organizations (who also run the news on the other two stations), would like to use this Tuesday night as a “do over” night. See the extra snow kinda took everyone by surprise, including our local news folks and they really really really feel horrible about not getting to spend a whole night going on and on about all the snow and how it will change everything. [Read More]
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Maybe Just Stick to Old People Music KLOU

Poor David Freese. The Cardinals third baseman got over his issues, but KLOU, being the “oldies” station, loves to bring up stuff people would just rather forget. In fact, we’ve never understood why radio stations make their jocks come up with news stories to say in between songs and commercials, but they all do it and it’s always horrible. Usually the jocks stick with the lamest entertainment news possible: Kardashians, Britney Spears, something about the Twilight movies…but some, like KLOU’s Cindy Collins (2p – 7p) take the “just find some shit to talk about” job a little more seriously than others. [Read More]

East St. Louis Video Taping Food Stamp Fights To Share With the World

Just remember: For every guy in an ironic t-shirt with think black glasses and a waxed mustache telling you how the world is changing for the better with every tweet about your “personal brand”, we’re also getting worse for every stupid ghetto fight over food stamps that gets posted to YouTube. Don’t get us wrong, we love a good YouTube fight, but still…no one’s making the world a better place through social media with this shit. [Read More]

Jenna Fischer Loves Imo’s

St. Louis native, and star of The Office which is amazingly still on TV for a a little while longer, Jenna Fischer was on Jimmy Kimmel Live and professed her love for Imo’s, while Kimmel listed off a bunch of other good places…but none of them were Imo’s, and Kimmel hates Imo’s, so he sucks. He’s right about Winslow’s Home though. Of course, we’re still pretty upset with Jenna for not taking our interview request, but the fact that she loves Imo’s helps. [Read More]