OMG You Guys! We Love You Too!

As you all know, we dropped the bomb on our readers last Wednesday when we announce that we would be no longer posting regularly on this very site. It made us sad too, but it was even more sad when we saw the love all day on Wednesday and even in to Thursday and Friday. Here are is a collection of our favorite Twitter goodbyes, but there was also some great ones on Facebook and in emails directly to us (click on the image below to see the full list). [Read More]

Time to Kinda Say Goodbye

It’s been a convergence of many landmark numbers at Punching Kitty over the last couple of months. To name a few: We won a second RFT Web Award, we hit our 4th birthday, and this is our 2,000th post. Now, we’re adding another: The end of regular posting on Punching Kitty. (No pressure, but if you want to have this playing the background while you continue to read, we think it would really make the moment. [Read More]

We Totally Forgot Our Own Birthday, We’re Four

So it was our birthday on January 14th. We forgot. We turned four years old then, but now we’re like four and three quarters or something, and what does that get you? Not much it would seem. We still have a ways to go before that first drink, but we can get our ears pierced and then have everyone in the mall look at us and our parents with distain on our way to the car. [Read More]

We Won Another RFT Web Award

Thanks to the Riverfront Times for once again honoring us with a RFT Web Award. We even showed up to the award show, making a rare public appearance to meet with the fans and lean on a wall while tweeting jokes that never did get to show up on the big Twitter wall thing they had. Damn censors. The show was quite the spectacle. RFT’s Chad Garrison really took to the role of host (think James Franco at the Oscars) which only turned out to the be pre-show, as the impromptu freaky dance party that followed the awards portion really stole the show, and cost us a few grand in therapy ones those memories un-repress themselves in 10 years. [Read More]

Our Favorite Stories of 2012

The goal was to get this up on New Year’s Eve, but it didn’t happen as we were blessed with hang0ver-like symptoms a day early without having to work through all that “drinking”, “having fun” and “inappropriately touching girls at bars” stuff! Fun times. List Notes: We’ve already posted the top 10 lists based on what you, the readers, like the most and so we made sure we didn’t duplicate anything from those lists. [Read More]
2012  top 10 

Your Favorite Punching Kitty Stories of 2012 According to Facebook

Earlier we published the list of your favorite stories based on raw page view numbers. This list below is still all about the readers, but since our 2012 redesign focused on Facebook for comments and likes, we thought it would be interesting to find out which of our stories this year were the most popular on everyone’s social network of choice: Facebook. [Editor’s Note: To save a little time for all of us, stories that were on both “readers’ choice” lists, we just glossed over on this one. [Read More]

Your Favorite Punching Kitty Stories for 2012 (Page Views)

It’s list time! As usual we have your 10 favorite stories sorted by raw page view numbers, followed up on Monday with our personal favorite stories of 2012. Oh, but there’s more! As an added bonus to today’s list, which is ordered by raw page view numbers, we will also feature a 10 ten list of stories sorted by Facebook metrics (comments, likes, shares, etc…) in a subsequent post. Of course these metrics tend to favor older posts as they have more opportunity to collect the stats like page views and likes, but it’s also because we usually kinda hang it up in October and just cruise until “list week”, get really drunk and then start trying again in January. [Read More]

Sorry, Here’s the Booty Pillow

We know, we know. It’s been a rough couple of weeks of posting on here. There’s been two reasons for that: We’ve been busy. The only things going on were horrible election stories. Both of those situations should be past us, so this week should be better. In other news, “The Booty Pillow” is a real thing: No we will not “use it at the office to ease back pain”! You’re the one that took the time to manufacture it with a built-in thong design, so think again before you make that suggestion. [Read More]

Off This Week

If you haven’t noticed that we aren’t posting much this week, then I’m not sure how you found this but we’ll tell you anyway: We’re kinda off this week. We’re a tad busy with other things and we haven’t taken a vacation for some time, so this is it…or at least some of it. We technically posted something Monday, so it’s not like we were off the whole week…and we could still post something Thursday or Friday so the possibilities are endless (or two, the possibilities are two). [Read More]

More Ways to Peruse the Punching Kitty Archives

This site has been up for nearly 4 years now and amassed almost 2,000 stories, so we’re always trying to find new ways to flip back in time and remember the random St. Louis oddities of years past. Last week we quietly launched two new pages to help. They aren’t all that complicated, but they are pretty fun: Pretty straight-forward: Load the page, get a random story. There’s little url that you can copy for Tweeting and the like, and you can click the story preview to read the whole thing. [Read More]