What a Crappy Labor Day

We’re all for fall to start, but what a turd of a Labor Day! It’s rainy, the Cardinals are old and broken, there aren’t any full posts on any of the good websites today (especially Punching Kitty), and this morning we woke up too late to enjoy some Save By the Bell on MTV2! We’ll try to get some BBQing done anyway, and watch this crazy South Korean music video for an extra shot of happy: [Read More]

Fixed: RSS Feed Images

It has come to our attention that the “featured” images above each story on the site, haven’t been making it in to the RSS feed. That sucks because 1. We love our RSS readers and that’s a bad experience, and 2. lots of jokes are based on those images. We think we fixed it . Let us know if that’s not the case for you, or if you have a suggestion on how we can do it better. [Read More]

Punching Kitty on the John Carney Show: 08.09.2012

As we catch up on the last few weeks of calling in to the John Carney Show on KTRS, here’s our August 9th segment. Take a listen as we stumble to figure out on the fly what we’re allowed to say on the air, while dropping way way way too many “you know”s: Notes: – God Voted For Todd Akin, Claims Todd Akin – St. Charles Police Catch a Predator Dateline Syle! [Read More]

Punching Kitty on the John Carney Show: 08.02.2012

We’ve been bad about posting these, but here’s our August 2nd segment:


12 Year-Old Tased in South County Victoria’s Secret 

City of Shrewsbury on the Lookup For Kissy Cop Impersonator

Creepy Looking Guy Does Something Totally Creepy

St. Louis’ Not So Missed Connections

Listen live on the Thursday night edition! We’re going to start Facebooking/Tweeting out when we’ll be on, so look for the heads up Thursday evening.

Spotty Posting This Week

Sorry, but we’re doing some traveling this week and won’t be able to post regularly, but we’ll try our best. Here’s a sad-looking kitten that perfectly illustrates our feelings about not being able to post as much as we usually do (or do our usual appearance on the John Carney Show), and no doubt your feeling as well since you’ll be short your usual dose of locally-flavored dick and fart jokes this week: [Read More]

Draftmark Releases New Beer So We Drank Some

The fine folks at Draftmark have once again supplied the Punching Kitty headquarters with some beer, this time just in time for July 4th, and we’d like to thank them for that. This time we got to try the new Amberbock refill, and we can report the beer was beery, the draft was drafty and urine doesn’t come out of good rugs we got as a present. “Blotting” was woefully ineffective. [Read More]

A Random Look Back at Previous Posts That We Read Last Night and Made Us LOL

Sometimes we want to write something brand new but are really sleepy so then we skip working just out to write something because we love you, and then we somehow start reading old posts we forgot we wrote instead and discover that some of them (not all) were pretty great and needed to be re-shared with the people…*deep breath*…so we decided to just do that instead of a post today don’t hate us! [Read More]

Dear Punching Kitty: First excited, Then Sad, but Always Stupid

We’ve changed a lot here at Punching Kitty over our three and a half years of existence, but we’ve always own up to our copious whoopsies, and enjoy responding to our readers. Sometimes we respond in the comments, sometimes we just trade emails, and sometimes, the note is just so great we have to put it on the site for everyone to enjoy. Can you guess which one is happening today? [Read More]

The John Carney Show Segment: June 14th, 2012

We haven’t mentioned it much on the site yet (other than our header ad you might have seen) but we’ve hooked up with KTRS’ The John Carney Show to do a weekly on air segment. We discuss what was on the site over the last week, or other random shiz with Carney and then we’re done. It’s simple, fun, and since it’s radio, we don’t have to wear pants. The show airs weeknights at 9p – 12am and we usually go on around the 9:45p on Thursdays. [Read More]