OMG You Guys! We Love You Too!

OMG You Guys! We Love You Too!

As you all know, we dropped the bomb on our readers last Wednesday when we announce that we would be no longer posting regularly on this very site. It made us sad too, but it was even more sad when we saw the love all day on Wednesday and even in to Thursday and Friday.

Here are is a collection of our favorite Twitter goodbyes, but there was also some great ones on Facebook and in emails directly to us (click on the image below to see the full list). Thanks guys!


We also got a few common questions we’d like to take a second to answer here:

1. This is it?! You’re never going to post again? How will we get our local news?!

We might write again (hell, we’re writing right now!) if the urge strikes. It might be tomorrow, it might be in a week, it might be in a month. It just won’t be as frequently and regularly as it was over the last 4+ years.

While it’s flattering you considered us your local news source, that’s also kinda sad since we made dick jokes and had a battered cartoon kitty as our logo. That being said, we don’t have a good answer for you as to who to turn too next…maybe just Twitter or Facebook.

2. Where can we send our tips going forward?

If they’re juicy, you can definitely still send them to us! As we’ve said, we might pop back out of retirement to write it up, or if we can’t we’ll send it to someone who can and will.

3. Why did the guy that played the Argo “hostage” with the big mustache look so familiar to me?

Oh, you’re talking about Rory Cochrane. He’s also been in CSI: Miami as Tim Speedle and, possibly more notably, he played Lucas in Empire Records and Ron Slater in Dazed and Confused.  Here’s his IMDB page for future reference.

4. Your last regular post was about a guy being so drunk he didn’t realize he was being stabbed on his St. Louis porch. Don’t you wish you could have gone out out a nicer note?

A little. While we knew what we had planned, we didn’t want to pre-announce it and do a week of “clip show” posts. We just wanted it to be regular old Punching Kitty right up until the end (outside of our special local media “quick fixes” posts), so our last “regular” post was just that, finding the best/most interesting/weirdest/funniest story we could find to write about. We see your point though, as ideally it would have been nicer to end on a happy-ish post. We’ll keep that in mind going forward.

More questions answered here if needed. Send them our way! — @punchingkitty,, [email protected]