We Totally Forgot Our Own Birthday, We’re Four

So it was our birthday on January 14th. We forgot. We turned four years old then, but now we’re like four and three quarters or something, and what does that get you? Not much it would seem. We still have a ways to go before that first drink, but we can get our ears pierced and then have everyone in the mall look at us and our parents with distain on our way to the car. [Read More]

Punching Kitty Turns Three and Launches New Redesign

Punching Kitty has been around, bringing St. Louis news to your lookin’ balls, for over three years now. (Technically our birthday was on Saturday, the 14th, but today’s good enough for us.) As with previous years, here’s the numbers: 3 years 1,648 articles 2,422 different “tags” Well over a million visitors. 4, maybe 5, bastard groupie kids That’s a pretty great run so far, and while this last year was particularly challenging with all the travel we had to do for the “day job”, we’re excited to keep going for a little while longer. [Read More]

We Just Realized That We’re Two Years Old Now

Whoops, we forgot about our own birthday. It was last Friday. Here’s a link to the very first “intro” post on Punching Kitty that went up on January 14th, 2009: “Hell Yeah Bitch! .com Launches PunchingKitty.com!“ In two years we’ve managed 1,258 posts, 2 legal threats, a decent amount of press, one hiatus of sorts and managed to get over 600 people to stand up on Facebook and say they like us. [Read More]

St. Louis Starts Prepping It’s 250th Birthday Celebration

St. Louis’ 250th birthday isn’t until 2014, but that’s just around the corner when you are planning a big ass quarter-millenia bash! Missouri History Museum president Robert Archibald is leading the planning group preparing for the 2014 commemoration. Archibald says the goal is to organize a commemoration that includes the entire region. Alright! Lets all get together and celebrate the fact that our home will be 250 years old. We may not see 300, but that’s ok, we’re old and old people/cities can do all kinds of crazy stuff like being #1 in violent crime, #2 in Chlamydia, #12 in Gonorrhea and #1 in hairy backed people deciding to wear mesh shirts in public places. [Read More]

Punching Kitty Turns One!

Today is our birthday. One year ago today I typed up the “launch” post and threw it online. Seems like forever ago. Within that year, we have… Became popular pretty quickly. Been shutdown by my old employers. Came back months later. Pissed off various radio and tv personalities that for some reason have much thinner skin than you would think they should. Posted roughly 500 posts with 600 comments. We have some fun plans for this next year! [Read More]