St. Louis Starts Prepping It’s 250th Birthday Celebration

St. Louis’ 250th birthday isn’t until 2014, but that’s just around the corner when you are planning a big ass quarter-millenia bash!

Missouri History Museum president Robert Archibald is leading the planning group preparing for the 2014 commemoration. Archibald says the goal is to organize a commemoration that includes the entire region.

Alright! Lets all get together and celebrate the fact that our home will be 250 years old. We may not see 300, but that’s ok, we’re old and old people/cities can do all kinds of crazy stuff like being #1 in violent crime, #2 in Chlamydia, #12 in Gonorrhea and #1 in hairy backed people deciding to wear mesh shirts in public places. People still get grossed out and w0n’t touch us, but they’ll just pat us on the arm and say “Oh that’s ok. How long has it been since you’ve been changed?”

He told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that the working name for the celebration is “STL250,” though that may change.

“STL250”?! That’s what you’ve come up with? …oh it may change? Why is that? Maybe because all you did was take the widely used city initials and slam the age against it’s ass. If it took you longer than 1 second to think of that then we aren’t holding a lot of hope that this celebration will be any more than a Fair St. Louis in February. Hey, do you think we can get Sammy Hagar to play the event? What about Sheryl Crow or Dr. Zhivegas? They never play here. What a treat that would be. Maybe take this whole idea way outside the box and put the Arch on the logo! In fact, where calling it:

Lets’ all remember to come back here and check to see how close we got sometime around mid-2013. We don’t have a lot of hope that we nailed the slogan, but we have high hopes for the all too simple and obvious logo.

Who knows, maybe this will turn out to be a good time. We hear they’re pulling out all the stops and plan on renting out Chicago so we can have the party somewhere nice.

Source: the AP via KMOV