Normandy to Eat Wellston, Not in a Sexy Way

Come Thursday it will all be official, the Wellston school district will be no more come June 30th, 2010. The students will be folded in to the Normandy school district, and the staff’s contracts will be terminated. Wellston’s facilities are inadequate, its students have not made enough academic progress, its superintendent is retiring, its finances are stable but weak, there is little hope of more help from the state and this is the right time to try something new. [Read More]

Sedalia, Missouri’s School District is Run By Spineless Morons

If you graduated from Sedalia, Missouri’s school district, you are probably a moron. I’m just playing the odds here. Why? Well because apparently this wacky thing called science and specifically evolution isn’t cool enough to even be mentioned on a freaking t-shirt, let alone taught! T-shirts promoting the Smith-Cotton High School band’s fall program have been recalled because of concerns about the shirt’s evolution theme. The light gray shirts feature an image of a monkey progressing through various stages of evolution until eventually becoming a human. [Read More]

Wanna Buy the Naming Rights for Your Kid’s High School Gym?

Thats the question that a lot of local schools are asking and others are asking if its kosher to sell the naming rights of a school building like we do stadiums and hospital buildings. From The Post Dispatch’s recent article on the subject: …school districts still worry that they need to lay out guidelines so they’re not caught unprepared for potentially inappropriate naming requests. Those concerns have, in part, prompted at least seven area school districts to pass or revise policies in the past year that define the limits and specifics of naming rights. [Read More]