Normandy to Eat Wellston, Not in a Sexy Way

Come Thursday it will all be official, the Wellston school district will be no more come June 30th, 2010.  The students will be folded in to the Normandy school district, and the staff’s contracts will be terminated.

Wellston’s facilities are inadequate, its students have not made enough academic progress, its superintendent is retiring, its finances are stable but weak, there is little hope of more help from the state and this is the right time to try something new.

“One guiding principle has to be what is the best course of action so that Wellston kids have the best possible opportunity for education achievement, now and in the future,” [Chris L.] Nicastro [Missouri’s commissioner of elementary and secondary education] said in one form or another several times [at the town hall meeting announcing the changes].

Translation?  “What the hell does it matter?  The only thing we know for sure is that we can’t do anything to make Wellston any worse.”

“Plus with if we  keep grouping the hopeless kids in to a single concentrated camp…us, it will allow us to keep better tabs on them.”

Also new starting next year every Normandy school kid that no one thinks has a prayer will have to wear bright gold stars on their chest to…um…alert everyone to the fact they are super special…yeah, that’s the ticket…yeah…

Once the crowd started to accept the pre-defined fate of their Wellston school district plans were made to “carry on the legacy of Wellston.”  In this regard a bum has been hired to sleep on the front stoop of the Normandy elementary school and pee on at least one set of swings each day while trying to sell the kids drugs during recess.

via St. Louis Beacon