Wellston Needs a Batman Really Really Bad

In the midst of a crack down on crime, criminals rolled up to Wellston city hall and fired several shots in to the front of the building in broad daylight, between 8a and 9a yesterday morning. Fortunately, no one was home when the shots rang out, and the damage was limited to shot up windows and some holes in a metal frame, right next to the sign that says firearms are prohibited on the premises. [Read More]

Normandy to Eat Wellston, Not in a Sexy Way

Come Thursday it will all be official, the Wellston school district will be no more come June 30th, 2010. The students will be folded in to the Normandy school district, and the staff’s contracts will be terminated. Wellston’s facilities are inadequate, its students have not made enough academic progress, its superintendent is retiring, its finances are stable but weak, there is little hope of more help from the state and this is the right time to try something new. [Read More]