Wanna Buy the Naming Rights for Your Kid’s High School Gym?

Thats the question that a lot of local schools are asking and others are asking if its kosher to sell the naming rights of a school building like we do stadiums and hospital buildings.  

From The Post Dispatch’s recent article on the subject:

…school districts still worry that they need to lay out guidelines so they’re not caught unprepared for potentially inappropriate naming requests.

Those concerns have, in part, prompted at least seven area school districts to pass or revise policies in the past year that define the limits and specifics of naming rights. 

“We’re all at the point where this is something you’ll have to deal with,” said Mary Jane Driscoll, in charge of development and alumni relations for the Lindbergh School District. “When somebody’s standing there with the check, you don’t want to be standing there going, ‘Uh, duh, uh…’”

So when presented with a check from a company trying to buy naming rights to a school building you would respond like you, yourself were brought up in a St. Louis public school.  Awesome.

We at PunchingKitty know times are tough for schools and they are run by people that aren’t exactly all that bright, so we’ve decided to help with this easy guide…

Do name your buildings:

  • The Gus’ Pretzels Cafeteria
  • The Stan Musial Four Square Area
  • Mike Shannon’s Language Center

Do not name your buildings:

  • The InBev Back Parking Lot Where No One Will See You Drink
  • The Ike Turner Teen Counseling Center 
  • The Casino Queen Girls Locker Room: Home of the Loosest Slots Around!
  • The Lee’s Pawn Shop Administration Building