Super Fun Patrol Get Glasses and Channels Chris Rock

Craig Mayhem of Super Fun Patrol is complaining about his glasses, the doctors, and the job they do in general and in the process he’s channeling Chris Rock.  

First of all, anyone who calls themselves a doctor, yet doesn’t fix your medical issue is a LIAR. They give you an appliance that you attach to your body and send you on your way, even though your problem isn’t really fixed.

“Hey doc, I broke my arm.”

“Really? Well, here’s a crappy version of an arm that you can attach to your shoulder and you can do arm things with it.”

“But what about my original arm?”

“You Lose! GOOD DAY, sir!”

Sure, there are some eye doctors who can laser your eyes and fix them. I’m not talking about those guys. Besides, the damn laser machine does the fixin’, Jedadiah – not the doctor.

You’re all SHAMS! SHAMS, I SAY!

Now watch this (NSFW, but funny stuff…classic Rock):


What does thing mean?  Nothing.  We just saw his post and it reminded us of that bit.