Kay Quinn Tweets Through Her Furlough

Now her furlough is over, but for a second there it looked like we were going to be seeing the “[Insert activity here] on my furlough.” for everything she broadcast to Twitter last week. Seems odd to be broadcasting the fact your company sent you home with no pay for a week. Looking for a new job Kay? …also, I know you can find a better photo than that for your Twitter picture! [Read More]

One Crazy Slow News Day: USA Today Reports Trains are On Time.

USA Today reported yesterday that Amtrak is reporting that their trains going between St. Louis and Kansas City are 96% on time. Seriously. This is a fucking joke right? Who could possible give a shit about this?! Maybe the article will tell me… KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) — Amtrak trains traveling between Kansas City and St. Louis turned in a stellar on-time rate for January. The Missouri Department of Transportation said Tuesday that the trains were on schedule 96% of the time. [Read More]
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Local News: Tune in at 10 to see the Best of the Super Bowl Commercials!

Oh yes, its that time again. Super Bowl means one thing: A change for our local TV news anchors a chance to loosen their ties, after sports and the weather of course, to talk about their favorite Super Bowl commercials and giggle away as the lights dim and they pitch to a Seinfeld rerun. Screw that. You don’t actually watch the local news do you? Of course not. You get your weather and news online, so just go to Hulu. [Read More]

First ClearChannel, and Now KSDK?

According to STLMedia.net, heads might be rolling at KSDK after Gannett tried and failed to force a week long, un-paid, vacation for its employees. The word is, the lay offs could come as soon as next week. If “famous” heads are getting lopped off from media companies, couldn’t we at least turn this in to some fun for someone? What if KSDK said, Survivor style, that the following people were up for “elimination” and then we get the vote to see who gets the axe? [Read More]
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