One Crazy Slow News Day: USA Today Reports Trains are On Time.

USA Today reported yesterday that Amtrak is reporting that their trains going between St. Louis and Kansas City are 96% on time.  Seriously.

This is a fucking joke right?  Who could possible give a shit about this?!  Maybe the article will tell me…

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) — Amtrak trains traveling between Kansas City and St. Louis turned in a stellar on-time rate for January.

The Missouri Department of Transportation said Tuesday that the trains were on schedule 96% of the time. MoDOT credits better dispatching by Union Pacific and $400 million in track repairs that allowed the trains to move faster.

From July through October, Amtrak recorded a 62-percent on-time rate. But since then the trans-Missouri run has been performing much better, with on-time rates of 70% in November and 84% in December.

Amtrak’s last comparable performance was 91% in September 2006.

In recent years, Amtrak lost riders as trains between St. Louis and Kansas City were held up by freight traffic on tracks it shares with Union Pacific.

Nope.  Thats the whole thing above, and I see no reason why this is news.   However, all of St. Louis’ “News” sources see it differently:

KSDK: Amtrak KC-St. Louis on-time rate 96 percent in January

KTVI: Amtrak KC-St. Louis trains on-time record for Jan. 96 percent

KMOV: …  Wait, they actually didn’t post this worthless excuse of P.R.

+1 KMOV.

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