It Took 11 Days to For Someone to Notice a Dead Body at the Ameristar Parking Garage

When you come to St. Charles to gamble at the Ameristar, you better be focused. This is the big time. Vegas?! Whatever. You come to the Ameristar for one thing: to play…and listen to 80’s cover bands in one of their theme bars, so ok, two things. Regardless, you need to be locked the hell in the minute you park your car. Not just focused mind you, but “don’t notice that obviously dead lady in her car” locked in. [Read More]

Police Investigating Dude Found Shot in the Street

Welcome to St. Louis, where you can just find dudes shot dead in the street and no one, not even the police, have any ideas how it happened. St. Louis police are investigating the death of a man found lying in the street early Saturday morning. When officers arrived they found Patrick L. Robinson, 30, of the 800 block of Wall Street, lying on the ground with a gunshot wound to the chest. [Read More]

The St. Louis Connection to Corey Haim

Everyone knows by now that have the world’s supply of popular 80s icons named Corey has been dropped by half after the news yesterday of Corey Haim’s death that made the world stand up and say “Oh yeah! …Wait, which one was he?” But did you know that there was a late-life connection between Haim and St. Louis? …and it was right under TMZ’s nose! Seen on the right and below, looking like he took an overdose of cool rather than horse tranquilizer or whatever is Corey Haim rocking the t-shirt of the band Unset. [Read More]