Police Investigating Dude Found Shot in the Street

Welcome to St. Louis, where you can just find dudes shot dead in the street and no one, not even the police, have any ideas how it happened.

St. Louis police are investigating the death of a man found lying in the street early Saturday morning.

When officers arrived they found Patrick L. Robinson, 30, of the 800 block of Wall Street, lying on the ground with a gunshot wound to the chest.

“We do not have any details as to what led to the shooting or the circumstances surrounding the shooting,” said Erica Van Ross, public information director for St. Louis Metropolitan Police.

Initials reports indicated it was Sam Bradford, killing himself after coming to terms with the idea that he was probably going #1 to the Rams in this months NFL draft, proved false.

It’s rare that we get asked for our thoughts on on-going murder investigations but our thoughts? …well remember this? St. Louis is Looking For 24 of You, and It Will Find You

It’s happening!  The city itself has begun to kill people because we Kumbaya-ed ourselves into a lower murder total and it’s pissed.

Or the guy stepped on someone’s Jordans or something. We don’t know, but our answer is was cooler.

via Globe Democrat