It Took 11 Days to For Someone to Notice a Dead Body at the Ameristar Parking Garage

When you come to St. Charles to gamble at the Ameristar, you better be focused. This is the big time. Vegas?! Whatever. You come to the Ameristar for one thing: to play…and listen to 80’s cover bands in one of their theme bars, so ok, two things. Regardless, you need to be locked the hell in the minute you park your car. Not just focused mind you, but “don’t notice that obviously dead lady in her car” locked in.

About 12 days after she parked 13 spaces from the Ameristar Casino’s fourth-floor garage entrance, a passer-by finally noticed Hattie Bradley’s body Friday morning.

Bradley, 62, had died days earlier, apparently of natural causes, police said.

[She was found after] a man walked up to the Mustang between midnight and 12:30 a.m. Friday and asked whether Hadley was OK. When she didn’t respond, the man went into the casino to gamble, he said. When he came out, about 3:30 a.m., Bradley was in the same position, and he realized something was wrong.

He knocked on her window and asked he she was ok, but after not zero response, not even a twitch — because she was freaking dead — he decided that “she’s fine…or not. Don’t care. Must gamble.”?! Oh yeah, St. Louis city is a cold horrible place but people in St. Charles County…they really care. Someone should go check on this guy’s kids immediately, he might be under the impression that they’ve been napping for the last 5 years to give him more time to finally master roulette.

via STLToday and H/T DailyRFT