Dirt Cheap vs Fred’s Cheapo Depot

Fred has moved on, and if you want to know the details of his split from the Dirt Cheap conglomerate, check out the article that has so much detail you will forget why you cared about this and leave half way through on STLToday. What we at Punching Kitty want to know is: Which commercial do you prefer? The classic Dirt Cheap: or the new Fred’s Cheapo Depot: I know the Cheapo Depot is just starting out, but there’s something about the delivery that makes me think he is excited enough about the change to be able to really make some super horribly fantastic commercials in the near future. [Read More]

Local News: Tune in at 10 to see the Best of the Super Bowl Commercials!

Oh yes, its that time again. Super Bowl means one thing: A change for our local TV news anchors a chance to loosen their ties, after sports and the weather of course, to talk about their favorite Super Bowl commercials and giggle away as the lights dim and they pitch to a Seinfeld rerun. Screw that. You don’t actually watch the local news do you? Of course not. You get your weather and news online, so just go to Hulu. [Read More]