Trouble at the Big 550: Vic and Brian Kelly Fired.

Update x3 below! Breaking news reported first by! So much for the reunion of Vic and Trish on The Big 550 AM, as of today Vic has been let go as well as Frank  Brian Kelly in the news room. Although this seems sudden, there has been a steady dose of fear running through the 550 office all week, that finally culminated today. There was no mention of a specific reason for the chopping other than “Radio doesn’t make any money these days. [Read More]

First ClearChannel, and Now KSDK?

According to, heads might be rolling at KSDK after Gannett tried and failed to force a week long, un-paid, vacation for its employees. The word is, the lay offs could come as soon as next week. If “famous” heads are getting lopped off from media companies, couldn’t we at least turn this in to some fun for someone? What if KSDK said, Survivor style, that the following people were up for “elimination” and then we get the vote to see who gets the axe? [Read More]
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