The Best Mardi Gras YouTube Finds for 2013

Each year we like to scour YouTube and find the best uploads of drunkenness because we know you kids love the social media these days (“social media” is a fancy term for sexting and comparing who go the most wasted without having to be in the same room. We live in the future!). #5 – Guy Falls During Parade (by mdfoley75) We’re guessing that this guy wasn’t even drunk, which is why it’s at #5…but we’re totally sure it’s funny, so it made the list. [Read More]

Video: Here is St. Louis

The folks from Anastasis Films but together this great little video about the best of St. Louis. It’s very well done and a good change of pace from the various stabbings and shootings that usually dominate everything on a daily basis. Out of our love and passion for St. Louis City, we wanted to showcase some of the places and people that make it great. With special music from Band Called Catch (bandcalledcatch. [Read More]

St. Louis Doesn’t Say Any of This Sh*t

Perhaps you’ve heard of the popular video and Twitter account “Shit Girls Say“, and if so you’re certainly aware that it spawned a whole series of “Shit [Some Subset of the Human Race] Say” videos which all suck so hard watching them is like someone took a spike, put it in their butt just a little bit, then stabbed us in our brain through our eye and swirled it around. That being said, people are still making them and the joke just won’t die. [Read More]

Four Bears Just Singing About St. Louis

Recently Jon Hamm spilled the beans that he was ready to get the hell out of St. Louis, but we managed to find a few guys that are just dying to get here: four animated bears from the 60’s. Don’t scoff! Tourism is tourism! We watched this over and over again more times than we’d like to admit and then did a little research. The clip is from 1964’s “Hey There, Yogi Bear! [Read More]

Cicadas Ruin Everything, Even the Past

There are few things worse than hearing the first sounds of St. Louis cicada invasion. They are the political talk show hosts of the insect world, going on and on all the time, making any kind of rational conversation nearly impossible. When even the crunchiest of hippie pause for a second before saying “Yes, all live is precious!” that’s called the Cicada Pause. No one likes these little bastards. Worse yet, every home movie you make during a St. [Read More]

We’re Kinda in the Corle 2 Da Video

Yes, we’ve made fun of him, and then interviewed him, and now we’re promoting his new video “Facebook Jump Off”…because he put a screenshot of us in there. Yes, even the venerable Punching Kitty has moments of whorish behavior. Whorish mind you. We aren’t whores, but sometimes we may assume the characteristics of a whore. Ladies, you know what we’re getting at right?

Anyway, local rapper Corle 2 Da dropped us a line to let us know that we made the cut and have a quick cameo in his latest video (see animated gif version below, and the full version is after the jump).

When we not so subtly suggested that we appear in one of his famed YouTube videos during the interview it appeared our chances were slim at best.

PK: You’ve given visual shoutouts to the RFT in both “So St. Louis” and “Digital” is this interview our first step in getting a Punching Kitty appearance?

Corle: Ah a Punching Kitty appearance…in an upcoming video I’m guessing, well it is definitely a possibility, the RFT has been real supportive of my work and I appreciate that.  I saw you won an award at RFT web awards as well didn’t you?  Really though, they are great at recognizing people and topics in the community.

…yet here we sit, watching an animated gif go back and forth! In turn for this, we will guarantee the following things for Corle 2 Da as a thank you.

1,000 video views. (To keep things simple on the accounting side, we’ll just take credit for the first 1,000.)

A picture of ET dressed as Mr. T…

…and one post where we don’t take a single shot at him.

Check out his full video for “Facebook Jump Off” below.

[Read More]

Two Guys Take the Pointersaurus Challenge, Capture Their Failure on Video

The Pointer’s Pizza Pointersaurus challenge has been tried many times, probably because it sounds a lot easier when you aren’t staring at that football field of a pizza. Here are the rules: The contest costs $50 and is a 28″ Pointersaurus pizza which weighs ten pounds. Two people are allowed one hour to eat the pizza with either two meat toppings or four vegetable toppings. You must make a reservation at least one day in advance and the contest is only done at 3 PM each day. [Read More]