The Inevitable 2011 Round Up

As we have done the last few years, it’s time for our round up of the “top” articles from this very site in 2011. In the past we have done this in two posts, one listing the top 10 “most popular” posts based on page views and “likes” and a second list of our personal favorite posts. This year’s going down a little differently however for two reasons:

  1. As we close our our third year of existence, the stats for posts written in 2011 are getting harder to pull out from the older stories that still get significant traffic.

  2. The two lists tend to overlap a lot and that’s not very interesting to you, our beloved readers.

So here’s the new format: The “best” posts from each month of the year. with best meaning either a popular post, a favorite post or both. Hopefully this format keeps your “year-end list” post count down by one and gives you a better look back on what stupid crap happened in St. Louis throughout 2011.


Craig Cornett Beat Up a 75-Year Old Man” — The former local morning show guy decided to beat the hell out an old guy he got in to a argument in the parking lot of an area casino…in the middle of the day. On like a Tuesday or something. Man being “famous” sounds awesome!


Toxicology Report: Adrienne Martin Died of Oxycodone and Cocaine Overdose?” — There’s little doubt what the biggest local story was that the beginning of 2011 was. You couldn’t go anywhere without hearing about the area’s beer-baron playboy and his dead girlfriend. Naturally when someone dies in their sleep at the mansion of a notorious booze-hound the deceased’s family stands up to say “It wasn’t drugs!” …and then it turns out to be totally drugs. (Duh!)


Did Pujols and the Cardinals Censor Joe Sports Fan?” — Former Cardinal First Baseman / Demigod Albert Pujols may have moved on to the Angels because of “respect” and “shit loads of cash” but we’ll always have this photo Ryan Franklin posted of Pujols rocking the little boy underwear to remember him by.

That’s Probably Not Fog Around the Weather Man’s House” — In spite of all the “social media experts” babbling all day, Twitter is awesome. Anything that makes a local TV weather man forget we can all hear his conversation about smoking weed over the weekend is awesome in our book.

Local Teacher Quits After Student Discovers Her Pornographic Past” — You’re damn right we found a video clip! (A SFW clip, but still!)


Tony LaRussa and Ray Vinson’s Awkward Handshake Will Forever Haunt Our Dreams” — If we had known at this would be TLR’s swan song as the Cardinals manager we would have suggested that whatever he’s being paid to pretend to be friends with Ran Vinson on TV, it’s not worth it. …hmm. Maybe Tony thought Vinson was a talking chipmunk or something and this all counted as an ARF function.


Monday Morning Venn Diagrams” — People love Venn Diagrams.

Former Promoter Says Nelly Blew All His Money on Gambling, Steroids and Coke” — Nelly loves coke and making horrible jabs at people on Twitter.


You Better Hurry If You Want to Have Midtown’s Del Taco Give You Diarrhea One Last Time” — Ah the 2011 saga of the Del Taco building in mid-town. We’re not saying that caring for that building was a summer-time fad or anything, but Pogs stayed popular for longer. Just saying.


We Gave Mayor Slay His Own Meme!” — The Mayor Slay Meme was one of our more popular accomplishments this year and we like to think at least someone in City Hall has a couple of these hanging up in their cubicle.

St. Peters Motorcyclist Beats the Heat By Riding Naked” — He was triple-dog-darred. There’s really nothing you can do after that.


Sound Familiar? Kings of Leon Leave Dallas Concert Early” — The best thing to come of all these early departures is ensuring that their eventual “Behind the Music” won’t make it past the third commercial break.


Crazy Guy Claims the Arch Can Control the Weather” — We’re hoping that this guy isn’t crazy, and if so, can someone make sure to turn that big metal bitch on in 2012 because the weather could have used some controlling in 2011.


Jon Hamm Thinks St. Louis Kinda Sucks” — It’s ok Jon Hamm. Freaking John Goodman tells people he’s from New Orleans now because living some place permanently soggy is cooler than St. Louis apparently, so at least your above him in the “Quick! Name a Celebrity from St. Louis!” list.

A World Series Game Six Time Lapse” — We get more questions about this post and associated video than anything else we’ve done this year. The most frequently asked being: Did you time lapse every game just hoping something crazy would happen? Nope, this was the only game I shot. Just thought it would be interesting no matter the outcome of the game.


KTRS’ JC Corcoran Suspended 2 Weeks for Telling Pretty Much Everyone To Blow Themselves” — We tried to be fair, but it was really tough defending a guy who’s singular comeback was essentially “blow me” as was 100% wrong.

Did the St. Charles Sugar Plum Fairy Get Fired For Cussing or For Showing a Little Skin?” — While this crazy story seemed to be getting press from all over, it ended up with everyone happy: St. Charles got rid of her, she got a different gig and we can all go and see her tits.


One Last Thing On Pujols” — …and we meant it as this post is the first time we’ve mentioned Pujols since. We’re really proud of how much this piece was enjoyed and shared in the short time it’s been up, so it was a great one to end the year with for sure.

Did we miss anything?

In closing, thanks to our readers for coming back, sending us your comments and making it known that not all of St. Louis’ population takes itself too seriously for another year! As always please send us interesting gossip, photos or news clippings as your tips contributed to lots of the above stories., tips [at], @punchingkitty