Local Teacher Quits After Student Discovers Her Pornographic Past

Varsity Blues led us astray. We were under the belief that when a high school student uncovers the sexually charged after school activities, past or present, of a teacher, it will ultimately lead to a humorous scene and a strong bond over their shared secret at school. Not so it would appear. Not so.

A west St. Louis County high school teacher quit her job after her x-rated past was exposed when one of her Parkway North students discovered her pornographic work in the adult film industry.

The teacher, Tera Myers, was suspended five years ago when she was a teacher in Paducah, Kentucky.

So a west county teacher did porn huh? Pretty freakin’ sweet. I bet the West County parents would just wish this story would go away…they however, aren’t our readers:

Ask and you shall receive dear readers! …and speaking of receiving…Tera Myers aka Tericka Dye aka Rikki Andersin has appeared in roughly 11 movies (which in porn terms is like three or four days of work). Her filmography includes such classics as “Ass Whores 21”, “Climax Shots 86: Three to Tango”, “Eruptions: Double Dippin” (edited and kinda SFW, if you’re really quick, cover art after the jump), “In Thru The Out Door 7 & 8”, “Sex Freaks 10”, “Rug Munchers” and “Butt Brats 7″…which wasn’t nearly as good as Butt Brats 4, but you just knew they were going down hill after that scene with the tuna fish, foam #1 finger, 3.5 lesbian vampires, the guy that played Cockroach on the Cosby show and all that mustard. (We made all of that up, but in our heads it was epic.)

According to the pervs on the internet, her biggest movie was “Tight Ass” when she worked with the noted director John T. Bone (not a joke, these are actually facts). Here is a SFW clip of Rikki Andersin aka Tera Myers in “Tight Ass”(though some naughty language at the end, so headphones!). In this scene, our star is having some trouble remembering her lines, in which she apparently plays Hamlet for some reason. No worries though! She is helped with her lines by a gentleman in white jeans and his friend…they can’t seem to help her memorization, but they can help her with something else… (Hint: It rhymes with “blow job”)

After her time in porn, Andersin/Meyers later enlisted in the Army and using the GI Bill to go to college and do quite well, ultimately earning her teaching degree. A few years ago, she confessed that her time in porn was a result of needing money after being unemployed, homeless and seeking treatment for bipolar disorder.

Meanwhile at Parkway North, parents and administrators are fuming over this “revelation”…but here’s the thing…they shouldn’t be. We aren’t going to go on some tirade about how she shouldn’t be removed from the school. No, the school can hire anyone they please and when you have a porn background, that’s the breaks. Life isn’t fair but you should have thought about whether or not you wanted to sculpt young minds for a future career before you had some hairy-chested guy spunk in your eye in the 80s. No, Parkway North’s administration shouldn’t be overly upset because the the knowledge of Meyer’s past was pretty out in the open this whole time! Sure, its a new name and a criminal history check turned up nothing because it’s not illegal to be a “Butt Brat (7)”, but she was on freaking Dr. Phil talking about how hard it was to get fired for this exact same thing in 2006!

Ok, maybe they shouldn’t have reasonably figured that out, but it’s hard to imagine Meyers thinking she can change names and teach again after going on Dr. Phil and with kids today getting better and better at finding free porn online. Must be awesome not to have grown up trying to mentally unscramble the nasty channels and having a “Cinemax Weekend” being the highlight of your summer vacation. Kids today still bang microwaved grapefruits though right?

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Click though the jump to see a couple of (edited) porn covers featuring Rikki Andersin!

Your kid’s Parkway North science teacher is the cover girl in “Tight Ass” and circled in green below on the cover of “Double Dippin”: