Anheuser Busch Jumps in to the At Home Draft Market with St. Louis Exclusive

While we’re a little late to the party since it was released a couple of weeks ago to select stores in the St. Louis market, we thought we’d mention AB’s Draftmark system anyway because it’s pretty cool actually [Editor’s Note: AB supplied a Draftmark system for the Punching Kitty HQ to try out.] and this thing is tailor made for a New Years at home.

The idea is a lot like the Coors and Heineken home drafts, but your draft is reusable with currently three different refills available: Bass, Budweiser and Shock Top.

You have to charge a battery and clip in the refill, but that’s about it as far as setup, and yes, it does taste bar-worthy.

Currently the whole deal is only available in select St. Louis supermarkets, but the plan is to release it area-wide in February and then expand to other markets down the road. That’s right! St. Louis first! …which is why we thought we’d mention it: AB is letting all of St. Louis be beer hipsters so when it comes out in Chicago or Kansas City we can all say “Oh that thing? I’ve had that for months.” Don’t go buying your skinny jeans just yet though, remember it’s only Budweiser, Bass and Shock Top right now, so wait on any ironic t-shirt purchases until they allow you to refill this with crappier beer.

via Draftmark