Anheuser Busch Jumps in to the At Home Draft Market with St. Louis Exclusive

While we’re a little late to the party since it was released a couple of weeks ago to select stores in the St. Louis market, we thought we’d mention AB’s Draftmark system anyway because it’s pretty cool actually [Editor’s Note: AB supplied a Draftmark system for the Punching Kitty HQ to try out.] and this thing is tailor made for a New Years at home. The idea is a lot like the Coors and Heineken home drafts, but your draft is reusable with currently three different refills available: Bass, Budweiser and Shock Top. [Read More]

Getting a Clydesdale to Dump on Your Lawn Will Cost You $2000

You can’t just get the InBev Anheuser-Busch big fuzzy horses to come to your sweet sixteen party for a bag of carrots any more. You need cold hard cash, because Belgians hate you. Anheuser-Busch has started charging $2,000 a day for Clydesdales appearances to help offset the increased costs of hauling, feeding and caring for the brewer’s iconic horses. Every year, A-B gets more requests for its 250 Clydesdales than it can meet so the new fee will also help keep demand in line with what’s available, he said. [Read More]