18 Year Old Girls Ratchet Up the Hurt on Computer Nerds, Crash Car Through Computer Store

When will the hatred stop? What did these harmless little nocturnal creatures ever do to you? They just want to love you…is that so much to ask? Please leave computer nerds alone 18 year old girls. Laughing when they ask you to the prom is plenty of pain. There’s no need to start crashing your cars through the front windows of computer repair stores! Police said a vehicle smashed into Tony’s Computer Shop in the 1200 block of South Duchesne at about 2:30 p. [Read More]

She Must Have Really Wanted a Snow Cone

This story is either a great reason to keep old people off the road or that snow cones are too damn delicious to have so close to high-traffic roads on nice days like these. Yesterday evening, someone just full-on slammed their car in to the Cup-O-Sno shack in Maplewood. Grandma really wedged her Cadillac car in there good because it took a set of firefighters, an EMS crew, an Ameren UE contingent and the Jaws of Life to get her out of the car, which is a lot since usually it only takes the firefighters and the Ameren UE team to get her out of every other chair she sits down in. [Read More]

Thieves Rip off Weather Man’s Car Outside of KSDK Office

KSDK weather man Anthony Slaughter was one of nine speedy car breakins early Sunday morning which happened right outside of the KSDK offices in downtown St. Louis. Mike Owens reporting for KSDK – The suspects pulled up in a white Pontiac a few minutes after 3:00 a.m. In less than 2 minutes, they had broken into two cars and were on their way. One of the cars, an older model Chevrolet, is owned by NewsChannel 5 weathercaster Anthony Slaughter. [Read More]

Another Moron Crashes in to Someone’s House

Is it just us that seems like way too many accidents happen where someone drives in to the side of someone’s freaking house? Its one thing to take out a mailbox or whatever, but it seems like at least once or twice a year some retard drives in to someone’s freaking house…right in the the freaking side of it…like what happened yesterday as reported (kinda, I mean there was nothing really about it on the page at the time of this writing) by KSDK. [Read More]