A Cardinals Winter Warm-Up Wrap-Up

Each off-season, the Cardinals hold their annual “Winter Warm-Up” about this time, consisting of player interviews, banquets, fan-forums, autograph sessions and a chance to get old fan-favorite players to come out in an effort to get as many hoosiers to take a hammer to their piggy bank, pile in their truck and come on in to the big city. Not exactly our scene. Others cover the even much better and with far less kicking of shins than we would, so we leave it to them and then recap the whole thing, in no particular order, the following Monday. [Read More]

Matt Holliday Doesn’t Get Out of First Round, but Nets Longest Jack

So no Home Run Derby title for our own Matt Holliday but all is not lost. He wasn’t one of those losers to get nothing over the wall…and he got more than one (well played Chris”Why Am I Here?” Young). In Matty H. just missed the cut to the next round by 2 jacks. Despite his early exit, at least Holliday can hang is hat on having the single longest bomb of the night at 497 feet. [Read More]

Matt Holliday Tweets

Its been confirmed through a few sources that it is in fact the Matt Holliday tweeting at twitter.com/mattholliday7. Not only that, but after reading over his stream of “tweets” we can say Matt Holliday seems pretty cool. Below is a sampling of some of his best mind droppings. Matt Holiday’s thoughts on… Turkey Bacon: not sure turkey bacon has earned the right to be called bacon, maybe breakfast turkey strips [Read More]

Matt Holliday’s Wife: Not Bad.

He’s going to be around for 7 years, so we might as well dig in here and get to the real question: How’s Matt Holiday’s wife looking? Verdict: Eh. Not bad. Evidence: <p> After meeting on a blind date in 1998 and getting engaged a year later, Matt and Leslee now have two boys age 5 and 2. </p> <p> She looks pretty cute. She&#8217;s no Mrs. Heidi (Mark) DeRosa (<a href="http://punchingkitty. [Read More]

10 St. Louis Tips for the Hollidays

Dear Holliday family – You’re not really new here per se, but I’m sure with Matt’s impending free agency you really didn’t want to spread out and settle in. After that big contract though, its time to spread out and learn about your new home! Don’t be fooled though. St. Louis can be a tricky and complicated place… Allow us to help you with a set of 10 rules to live by. [Read More]

A Holliday Weekend in St. Louis

Rockies Holliday BaseballJust a few links on the news of the Cardinals trade for Matt Holiday:

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ESPN.com: Sources: Holliday deal is done

Viva El Birdos: Cardinals Acquire Matt Holliday in exchange for Brett Wallace, Clay Mortensen, Shane Peterson

MLBlogs: Cardinals Acquire Holliday

If I’m missing some, add it in the comments!