6 Pretty Much Worthless Ebay-ed St. Louis Items

Found on Ebay while watching the Rams piss away another win-able game: “98 TONY BANKS ODYSSEY HOLOGOLD 1ST QTR /150 RARE” (link) Starting bid: $0.99 Current bid: No bids. $0.99 seems high for old Tony Banks. Really high. Like $1.50 high. “2008 Upper Deck Signature Aaron Miles Autograph” (link) Starting bid: $0.99 Current bids: 2 Winning bid: $1.50 God bless scrappiness! It’s the only reason he got enough bids to get two bids and $1. [Read More]

Jesus Dude. Damn! Come on Cardinals.

Aaron “I’m horrible but plucky” Miles manning third base? Randy Winn?! The Astros have nothing. They should be the ones playing Randy Winn and Miles! Oh did you miss the game? It didn’t go well. This is how I will sum it up for you: Aaron. Miles. Pitching. 18-4 Astros. The Cardinals are freaking terrible. Yes, we are right there atop the division, but so what? Are the playoffs really that cool when you just get blasted out of them right when you walk in? [Read More]

Aaron Miles Isn’t Good at Baseball

We took a moment in our busy schedule to take in a ball game last night and were reminded that though St. Louis may be considered baseball’s “best” town, that doesn’t really mean we know the most about baseball. Imagine our fortune that we landed on the very game that Aaron Miles makes it back to the Cardinals, fresh from double-A Springfield. Pushing down poor Allen Craig who got to smell the sweet air of the Show just long enough to wonder if it was all just a dream. [Read More]

With LaRussa Clearly in Charge, the Cardinals Bring Back Aaron Miles

Sweat mother of god, what is this team’s fascination with Aaron Miles?! The Cardinals toyed with the idea of bringing Aaron Miles back to the fold earlier this season but couldn’t find a way to wedge the utility infielder into the organization. That changed with Felipe Lopez’s right elbow injury. With Lopez on the 15-day disabled list with a strained ligament, the Cardinals signed Miles to a minor-league deal. Miles isn’t earmarked for the majors or even pegged to replace Lopez. [Read More]