Jesus Dude. Damn! Come on Cardinals.

Aaron “I’m horrible but plucky” Miles manning third base? Randy Winn?! The Astros have nothing. They should be the ones playing Randy Winn and Miles!

Oh did you miss the game? It didn’t go well. This is how I will sum it up for you:

Aaron. Miles. Pitching. 18-4 Astros.

The Cardinals are freaking terrible. Yes, we are right there atop the division, but so what? Are the playoffs really that cool when you just get blasted out of them right when you walk in?

Tony LaRussa reportedly had this to say about last night’s game:

“I was hoping for one of two things, either the 10-run rule or the 7 inning thing you do in the minors sometimes.”

The important thing is that Aaron Miles got to play. I’m not sure why Miles’ “Make A Wish” of playing in the big leagues seems to be lasting much longer than the rest of the dying or retarded or retarded dying kids usually go though. Most of the time they just meet Madonna and then that’s it. Seems like ~7+ years in the big leagues is plenty. Give someone else a wish now.