There’s One Less Thing to Crush Up and Snort Legally in St. Charles County

The St. Charles County Council, which sounds like an awesome collection of warriors, but in reality is a boring collection of old white people clothed in over-priced sweaters, voted in to law a ban of certain bath salt items and more variants of the K2 “fake pot” because kids are getting high off to them. Spray paint and gas would have been outlawed too, but they dodged the ban bullet this time because “the council” needs those items this weekend to repaint their shed and drive to Old Country Buffet as it is their main source of food. [Read More]

Trasher Escapes Cyber Harassment Charges, Can’t Escape the Fact that She’s a Moron

Elizabeth Trasher of St. Charles County was found not guilty of the charges of cyber harassment (aka the “Megan Meier law”) leveled against her by the authorities. It’s been awhile, so lets review what Thrasher, a grown woman, did according to court records and summarized by STLToday’s Shane Anthony: Thrasher and her ex-husband have two daughters. A tense family situation started several months before the Craigslist posting, when the ex-husband started dating the mother of a boy the older daughter was dating. [Read More]

St. Charles County Also Hates Bicycles

A bill is working its way through St. Charles County’s political system that would ban bicycles traffic on streets such as Highway D, DD, F, Z, and 94. Maybe the move here would be to spend some time renaming these dumb-ass highways…except for Highway Double-D, that one can stay. Boobs. Among speakers supporting Brazil’s bill at the July 12 meeting was Stephen East of Cottleville, whose 16-year-old daughter was seriously injured in a 2003 accident on DD, when the vehicle she was driving topped a hill and encountered a bicyclist in her lane. [Read More]