Trasher Escapes Cyber Harassment Charges, Can’t Escape the Fact that She’s a Moron

Elizabeth Trasher of St. Charles County was found not guilty of the charges of cyber harassment (aka the “Megan Meier law”) leveled against her by the authorities.

It’s been awhile, so lets review what Thrasher, a grown woman, did according to court records and summarized by STLToday’s Shane Anthony:

Thrasher and her ex-husband have two daughters. A tense family situation started several months before the Craigslist posting, when the ex-husband started dating the mother of a boy the older daughter was dating.

Thrasher testified that her ex-husband’s new girlfriend was smoking and drinking around the girls and had eating habits that caused her younger daughter to develop an eating disorder.

On May 1, 2009, the new girlfriend’s 17-year-old daughter sent a MySpace message to Thrasher. The two traded insults back and forth. Thrasher said the e-mails were the last straw in a series of events that included her own battle with cancer, her father’s death and the deterioration of her daughters’ relationship with their father.

Thrasher took information and photographs from the teenager’s MySpace account and created a sexually suggestive Craigslist post. It listed the girl’s cell phone number, e-mail address and where she worked. It also included two pictures.

Mind you that these are admitted facts and are not in question, the only thing in question was whether they amounted to felony cyber harassment. So she did this horrible thing to a 17 year old girl, and somehow Thrasher’s the one blubbering about how no one likes her.

“I was scared for my girls,” she said. “I was scared for their relationship with their father. I was at my wits’ end.”

If you’re an adult and this was your “wits end” then you’re clearly retarded. We don’t want to be that guy that gives away the “tricky” problem’s solution, but all she really had to do was be a parent to her kids instead of acting like a dip-shit and trading MySpace messages with a girl less than half her age! Clearly Thrasher has real issues if she can’t even confront a high-school kid face to face and has to result to freaking MySpace messages and dangerous on-line pranks. Feel free to argue the definition of “cyber harassment”, and debate the validity of the law’s existence, but arguing that this bitch isn’t retarded, and took a course of action like that of someone who has no business even being around kids, is something only a complete scumbag whore would even attempt…right on cue, Mr. Mike Kielty, Thrasher’s attorney:

“She didn’t do anything that a reasonable person, under similar circumstances, wouldn’t do,” [Kielty] said.

This would be a great time for a plug: Call Mike Kielty at 1-800-STEREOTYPICAL-DOUCHE-LAWYER

Quick thought: Same case…41 year old man did the deed rather than fat housewife. Same not guilty charge?

via STLToday