Trasher Escapes Cyber Harassment Charges, Can’t Escape the Fact that She’s a Moron

Elizabeth Trasher of St. Charles County was found not guilty of the charges of cyber harassment (aka the “Megan Meier law”) leveled against her by the authorities. It’s been awhile, so lets review what Thrasher, a grown woman, did according to court records and summarized by STLToday’s Shane Anthony: Thrasher and her ex-husband have two daughters. A tense family situation started several months before the Craigslist posting, when the ex-husband started dating the mother of a boy the older daughter was dating. [Read More]

Cyber Bullying: Oh Sweet Jesus, Not Again!

Ugly white middle-aged mom’s with basic knowledge of the internet never learn… A St. Peters woman sought to humiliate a St. Charles County teenager by posting the girl’s picture and cell phone number in a sexually suggestive online forum on Craigslist, prosecutors said Monday. Elizabeth A. Thrasher, 40, is accused of posting the listing after an online confrontation with the 17-year-old daughter of a woman Thrasher’s ex-husband was dating. Shane Anthony reporting for the Post Dispatch’s on first case siting the “Megan Meier” law, which as you might remember because it was F-ing everywhere, came from the last ugly, white, middle-aged mom with a basic understanding of the internet that made a fake account to mess with a already depressed high school girl who then committed suicide when the fake boy turned on her. [Read More]