Cyber Bullying: Oh Sweet Jesus, Not Again!

Ugly white middle-aged mom’s with basic knowledge of the internet never learn…

A St. Peters woman sought to humiliate a St. Charles County teenager by posting the girl’s picture and cell phone number in a sexually suggestive online forum on Craigslist, prosecutors said Monday.

Elizabeth A. Thrasher, 40, is accused of posting the listing after an online confrontation with the 17-year-old daughter of a woman Thrasher’s ex-husband was dating.

Shane Anthony reporting for the Post Dispatch’s on first case siting the “Megan Meier” law, which as you might remember because it was F-ing everywhere, came from the last ugly, white, middle-aged mom with a basic understanding of the internet that made a fake account to mess with a already depressed high school girl who then committed suicide when the fake boy turned on her.

The fact that is has happened twice already really makes us nearly speechless.


…we said nearly.

Its pretty clear that this is one retarded broad that thought this was a good idea, an idea, that the kids themselves don’t even do, but a 4o year old woman thought was fine.  You have to think to yourself at this point, who would take this case?  What kind of scum lawyer would try to defend these actions?  The answer?  Mike Kielty.

“To charge a woman, a mother, with a felony for what is tantamount to a practical joke, that’s awfully rash,” [Kielty] said. “That’s taking it to the extreme.”

A practical joke?!  Admittedly no one is dead, but listen to what she did exactly:

[Thrasher] created a listing on Craigslist’s Casual Encounters section, investigators said. The listing included the teen’s picture, employer, e-mail address and cell phone number. Banas said the posting’s language would lead people to believe it was an invitation to sexual contact.

Investigators said men called the girl and sent e-mails, text messages and pornography to her cell phone after Thrasher posted the listing.

Ha ha!  I gave every detail anyone would need to find you easily to every perv in St. Louis and the surrounding areas!  Oh man!  You should have seen your face!  …awesome.  Seriously you might want to change  your phone, email, move to a new house and find a new job though.