The American Ninja Lives in St. Charles. Please Don’t Touch His Wood.

Wanna take scrap wood out of dumpsters in St. Charles? You’re call, but if you do, be prepared to tangle with the ninja of Sun Lake Drive: 41 year old Scott Schwartz. St. Charles Police Lt. Mike Akers said two men were searching for scrap wood inside a dumpster in the Sun Valley Lake apartment complex about 9 p.m. Thursday. Akers said the men told police they had been given permission to search the dumpster. [Read More]

Ninjas Roam Town & Country

Be careful out there in Town & Country, MO…that there is ninja country. There are now two reports of ninja attacks in the quiet St. Louis suburb…maybe it’s a little too quiet…like “Did you just hear something? …hm. No.” nina-star-to-the-head quiet. Now, unless you are 13 years old, you should be fine. This ninja appears to like the easy game. A man wearing a ninja mask and all white clothing accosted a 13-year-old boy Thursday at the Town & Country Crossings shopping center, grabbing him off his bike and throwing the boy to the ground. [Read More]