Its August, the Cubs Fans Are Starting to Get Restless (and Drunk)

Shane Victorino has had a pretty craptastic week. First he was ejected by the home plate up when he was in center field, and then he had to go to Chicago and when tracking a fly ball some douche dropped a beer on him. First Bartman now this?! Jesus christ Cubs, can’t you do something about your fans? Cubs Chairman Crane Kenney had this to say: “What are you going to do? [Read More]

Free Beer for Ladies: August Busch IV is Back on the Market

St. Louis beer millionaire August Busch IV is back on the market after this divorce from his younger wife of just 2 years. The worst part, this one slipped right by us. Which really pisses. me. off. Damn. Unlike us, STLog has been following this story closely. (+1 for them for breaking this one….you bastards!) Busch IV divorced his wife Kathryn Lisa Busch (formerly Kathryn Thatcher) on Wednesday in St. [Read More]