Free Beer for Ladies: August Busch IV is Back on the Market

St. Louis beer millionaire August Busch IV is back on the market after this divorce from his younger wife of just 2 years.  The worst part, this one slipped right by us.  Which really pisses. me. off.  Damn.  Unlike us, STLog has been following this story closely. (+1 for them for breaking this one….you bastards!)  

Busch IV divorced his wife Kathryn Lisa Busch (formerly Kathryn Thatcher) on Wednesday in St. Louis County Circuit Court. The couple married just over two years ago. Busch is 44. His ex-wife just 28. 

I, for one, am glad to hear that Busch IV is back in the field. His carousing skills as a bachelor were legendary and always provided some great second-hand tales. Prior to getting hitched in 2006, Busch IV dated the pride of Florissantand former Miss USA Shandi Finnessey. Much earlier than that, Busch IV dated a woman by the name of Karla Stratton — a dancer at the Sauget topless bar, PT’s. 

Here are some links from the posts they already have up:

Rest assured we are on the case now!  If any of you see St. Louis’ new playboy out or hear of any past or current tales of his excess or love of tassel-clad ladies email us at tips[at]