Area Fire Department Can’t Keep the Lights On

The fire station in Kinloch, just to the east of Lambert Airport, does not have the money to pay for their power bill and they are over a thousand dollars in the red to Ameren. Ameren Missouri sent the department a notice, dated November 15th, saying the department faces disconnection. The bill totals $1,271.88. Volunteer firefighter, Richard Parks, says an Ameren employee went to the station to cut off power earlier today, but did not do it after seeing the building is used as a fire station. [Read More]

Dumbass Electrocuted While Trying to Steal Copper Wire

Despite our previous thoughts on the matter, it turns out that one doesn’t have to know what role something fills in order to steal it. Take for instance a Washington Park man that was electrocuted and subsequently killed Saturday morning when he tried to steal copper wire from an Ameren Illinois substation. When their service people arrived at the site of the outtage they found the dead man, whom police have not yet identified. [Read More]

Ameren to Try Walking on Sunshine

You know all the beautiful sunshine we’ve been getting lately? Oh right. Probably a bad time for this press release to come out. Ameren Corp. has planned their first solar power projects in St. Louis, Mo. and Illinois. This is a big step, as the company currently generates 85 percent of its power from coal, 10 to 15 percent from nuclear and a few watts from methane and hyrdoelectric sources. [Read More]