Random Bones Found Near Lambert Airport

Police are investigating a pair of bones that were discovered on land owned by Lambert Airport, it is not known if the bones are human or just, boringly, animal. The bones were found in a vacant field near Scudder and Mable Avenue. The property is in Kinloch but is owned by Lambert Airport. A St. Louis City official said the airport hired a contractor to clean up the lot because it had been used as an illegal dumping ground. [Read More]

That Poor Fire Department Lost Phone Service and City Math is Hard

The Kinloch Fire Department’s economic struggles continue. Blaming it’s troubles on low property tax revenues and falling six months behind on it’s phone bill, the service to it’s non-emergency line has been cut, allowing only 911 calls to go through…which is a bummer because the only people that call that line are all needy and crap. Back in November, we floated the idea of a big dance show with costumes and the whole deal to raise the money, but none of you showed up for the first practice! [Read More]

Area Fire Department Can’t Keep the Lights On

The fire station in Kinloch, just to the east of Lambert Airport, does not have the money to pay for their power bill and they are over a thousand dollars in the red to Ameren. Ameren Missouri sent the department a notice, dated November 15th, saying the department faces disconnection. The bill totals $1,271.88. Volunteer firefighter, Richard Parks, says an Ameren employee went to the station to cut off power earlier today, but did not do it after seeing the building is used as a fire station. [Read More]