Area Fire Department Can’t Keep the Lights On

The fire station in Kinloch, just to the east of Lambert Airport, does not have the money to pay for their power bill and they are over a thousand dollars in the red to Ameren.

Ameren Missouri sent the department a notice, dated November 15th, saying the department faces disconnection.

The bill totals $1,271.88.

Volunteer firefighter, Richard Parks, says an Ameren employee went to the station to cut off power earlier today, but did not do it after seeing the building is used as a fire station.

“Wow, the lights are still on. How did you guys pay your bill this month?”



“I know right?”

Though Ameren is in “good guy” mode and will give the Kinloch FD a few more days to come up with the money, but at some point you know Ameren’s going to blast in there like Mr. Peck in Ghostbusters and “Shut this all down.” completely disregarding the Twinkie, or in the case of Kinloch, “the guy around the corner”:

“It scares me. This guy around the corner shouldn’t have to wait for fire services or EMS services. That’s what we’re here for. He shouldn’t have to wait,” said Parks.

Well maybe have that dude pitch in a few bucks otherwise, if the power is shut off, he will have to depend on neighboring emergency services.

That is of course unless my idea for a big rap and dance show works! Yo, we can all dance and Ray Ray is one of the dopest freestyle rappers in town, so all we need to do is put on a big show and we’ll be sure to raise enough to save the community center Fire House! My little sister can make the costumes! I hope you all like berets and parachute pants.

via KMOV