Kurt Warner Turns Judas to Rams Fan Acolytes

Kurt Warner won a Super Bowl for the Rams and a probable Disney movie with his ultimate St. Louis scrappy life story. We don’t remember all the details since no one mentioned it much…pretty sure it had something to do with stocking shelves at HyVee, football and praying to Jesus/Cthulhu that Trent Green would get hurt (totally worked!). Eh. Not important. The important thing is that he is a Rams legend and not matter how many random stops he did along down the final path to retirement, he will always be a Ram. Right Kurt?!

You son of a bitch (LOL). It’s cool. Whatever. The Rams only gave you your first shot and put you behind a offense with Marshall Faulk and a pair of great wide outs. Sure we “sent you packing”, but dude…seriously now…you weren’t any good. You needed a few years to get over getting “Martzed” in the backfield all the time, we had to move on. Sure you got to a Super Bowl with the Cardinals and the warm southwestern air transformed your wife back in to a woman again, but what else did they do for you Kurt?! Did they worship you with countless old faded Warner 13 jerseys packing the Dome each Sunday? Did Arizona give you a Kevin Slaten, your personal radio knob-slobberer? No, it doesn’t matter that no one remembers he still has a show, it’s not important, what is important that we love you Kurt!

WWJD Kurt? We’ll tell you what he’d do. He’d still be a Ram at heart. He wasn’t all like:

Think about that Kurt. Think about that hard. You just made Kevin Slaten cry. Are you happy now?!

Look for the “who does he love more” contest during the Rams vs Cardinals game this Sunday that Warner is providing the color commentary on.