Nelly Throws Everyone Under the “No One Bought My Album” Bus

St. Louis native and rapper Nelly had his new album, “5.0” (See that’s 3 more than how everything is 2.o right now.) last week. It did not go well.

“5.0” sold 63,000 copies its first week out. The same week, Susan Boyle sold 335,000 copies, the unknown Jackie Evancho sold 239,000 copies and Rihanna sold 209,000 copies.

We thought that maybe people are simply finally getting tired of Nelly starting off all his songs with “Uh. Uh. Uh.”, but getting beat by Susan Boyle?! That is rough. Not a lot of street cred in getting ya ass whooped five-times over by Susan Boyle. You know it. Nelly knows it…and that’s why he took to Twitter over the holiday to let everyone know it wasn’t his fault. Turns out, and you’re not going to believe this, but it was actually everyone else‘s fault that Nelly made one single followed by a bunch of other songs songs that people really didn’t feel like purchasing. Bastards!

A record deal is a 50/50 partnership!As a artist its your job to provide the record company with music that they (record company) can sell!

Thing about the partnership is that n the public eye the responsibility is not 50/50! the artist is always the 1who catches 90% of the blame

Nodoubt wen a artist doesn’t deliver a song that does crack top of the charts or even top10 the label is quick to say artist didn’t deliver

So intern the artist must bare the brunt of that failure and take responsibility and consequences as handed out by his or her label!!

“”5.0″”Every1 luvs da album n say its crazy!So wen u hear folks say they didnt no it was out r there were hardly any n the store!

*Ahem.* Yup, pretty clear logic there. It sounds like he’s upset because no one knew where to buy his album and we think he also might have been trying to tell us that little Timmy is caught in a well over by the Old Mill. We better call the sheriff!

It’s cool though folks. Nelly is shaking it off, telling followers to not get it “twisted” and how he’s still going to emerge from his setback as a champion like the mighty phoenix rising from the ashes…or something like that but with less spaces and extra quotes.

Oh and be sure to look for the new, remastered “5.0” album…maybe you’ll buy this one.

via STLToday’s Kevin  C. Johnson