Betty White Stole Some Jewelry in O’Fallon, Missouri

Damn you Betty White! First you remind everyone you aren’t dead and suddenly become the nation’s “Random Old Person” joke appearing on every stupid show that can afford your rider of Metamucil, Blackjack chewing gum and a bowl of only red heart pills. Now, your showing up at Randy’s Jewelry in O’Fallon and stealing? Stop it Betty White! Your random appearances are no longer humorous or funny. We’ll have someone wheel you back in to obscurity with the rest of the old people in a moment.

A woman set her purse on the display counter and asked for a closer look at several pair of diamond earrings. The clerk pulled out three ramps full, and eventually placed two back inside the showcase.

The third ramp of diamonds, all $10,000 worth, ended up inside the woman’s purse.

The woman distracted the clerk by asking to place a set of earrings on layaway.

“She gave us $40 and gave us a fake name,” said Ryan Hudson.

…the name the woman gave for the account was Betty White.

Ok, so maybe this wasn’t the Betty White. It might be though…old people do tend to wander off. Meanwhile, the store is offering $1,000 for information leading to the arrest of “Betty White”.

via KSDK