Moped Drive-Bys Are A Thing Now

Times are though, and when you want to kill someone without having to give up your in-aimable Uzi, sacrifices must be made! According to authorities two men performed a drive-by shooting on a red moped. One victim was shot in his side while sitting in his car. He is listed in serious condition. The second victim was shot in the arm while standing on the sidewalk. The suspects fled the scene. [Read More]

Ameren to Try Walking on Sunshine

You know all the beautiful sunshine we’ve been getting lately? Oh right. Probably a bad time for this press release to come out. Ameren Corp. has planned their first solar power projects in St. Louis, Mo. and Illinois. This is a big step, as the company currently generates 85 percent of its power from coal, 10 to 15 percent from nuclear and a few watts from methane and hyrdoelectric sources. [Read More]