Are 1380 the Team and 590 the Fan For Sale?

We know for a fact there have been talks about selling each of these stations before and we have have heard the continuing rumors since and we are hearing them again. Both Simmons (who owns Team 1380) and Big League Broadcasting (who owns 590 The Fan) are rumored to be looking for buyers of their AM signal. Of course both General Managers will tell you otherwise, the fact is the decision to sell isn’t up to them. [Read More]
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Brian McKenna Jumping to 1380?

…and the St. Louis sports talk orgy continues… We have just received word that Brian McKenna, formally of KFNS 590 is jumping from one sinking ship to another as he will be starting as cohost of the Bernie Miklasz Show (2p-6p) as soon as tomorrow (Feb 9th). We know that Bernie has had his share of cohosts since Randy Karraker was let go due to budget constraints (and later landed with the new 101 ESPN). [Read More]

Breaking: KFNS Producer Arrested on Rape Charges

Breaking: KFNS Producer Arrested on Rape Charges
This post has an update, see below! Ryan Huff, a Production Director and Producer for all sports-talk station KFNS (590 AM) was arrested in Arnold and charges were filed that included raping underage girls. Apparently Huff met the girls on “an internet chatroom,” which could mean anything since I’m guessing the reporter on the KMOV video I watched doesn’t know the difference between this very site and and actual “internet chatroom. [Read More]