Breaking: KFNS Producer Arrested on Rape Charges

This post has an update, see below!


Ryan Huff, a Production Director and Producer for all sports-talk station KFNS (590 AM) was arrested in Arnold and charges were filed that included raping underage girls.

Apparently Huff met the girls on “an internet chatroom,” which could mean anything since I’m guessing the reporter on the KMOV video I watched doesn’t know the difference between this very site and and actual “internet chatroom.”  After the meeting online, the two went to the movies, on a “date,” and then back to a house where they were joined by another 13 year old girl.  Shortly after her arrival they started partaking in sexual activity.  Huff’s alleged Playskool Orgy was noticed only after photos were taken and the girls where showing them around school!

Unfortunately for Huff, current Missouri state and federal laws don’t allow you to add the ages of your simultaneous sexual partners together to try to get a number above 18.

Check out the video (Because who the hell would ever want to link to an actual written piece?!) on KMOV’s website…oh and don’t fuck with Larry Conors.


Update (7/8/2009): Based on reader inquiries and lack of other coverage, we have an update to this story.  Check out that post here.