Brian McKenna Jumping to 1380?

…and the St. Louis sports talk orgy continues…

We have just received word that Brian McKenna, formally of KFNS 590 is jumping from one sinking ship to another as he will be starting as cohost of the Bernie Miklasz Show (2p-6p) as soon as tomorrow (Feb 9th).

We know that Bernie has had his share of cohosts since Randy Karraker was let go due to budget constraints (and later landed with the new 101 ESPN).  Nearly all the cohosts Bernie has been with have been horrible (Jay Randolph jr and Joe Zydlo being some of the most offensive) so maybe this is a move by 1380 to solidify up that show…or with all the movement between these two stations lately the was “the talking head to be named later” in the “Fox Hole” trade.

Back to McKenna: Because of the way we came across this info, we believe this deal either isn’t official yet, or 1380 are trying to keep it a “surprise” of sorts.  More than likely we should hear something official tomorrow.