The Hell on Heels Tour at Cicero’s Tonight!


Its Monday, you know you don’t have anything to do right?  Then head on out to The Loop tonight at 8p to see one of the most exciting bands on the planet: Semi Precious Weapons.  [Note: No slouch themselves, One Lone Car will be there as well.]

Yeah, I know, they are playing small venues here, but its just because the STL is a little behind the “Cool Times” (and you know this). 

Here’s some video of one of the last times they were in town playing at The Pageant:

Part One:

Part Two:

The show is at Cicero’s with doors at 8pm with tickets for $10.

Of course, we will be there taking as many photos and video as we can before getting tossed so hunt us down if you have something to share!  Lets talk!