Jay Leno Still Isn’t Funny

We hear tall tales that at one point in Tonight Show host, Jay Leno’s life, he was a comedian. That seems pretty far fetched, especially since old people told us that and they’re always liars, making up crap like slavery to impress us. Whatever. Anyway, the point is, Jay Leno is certainly not funny now and he shows anyone who cares to watch, 5 nights a week. Last night he took a “shot” at Missouri and one Senator’s attempt to get those little children fingers back out there, doing important work for America by allowing children under 14 to work and stopping future child labor inspections and removing children work time limits. [Read More]

More State Senators Running Wild: McKenna Hates Mark McGwire

Seriously, what the hell is wrong with our state senators?! First they hate on poor defenseless nudie bars, then they try to strong arm the zoo, and now…well they are kicking a man while he’s down. A Missouri state senator is trying to remove Mark McGwire’sname from a five mile stretch of Interstate 70 that runs through St. Louis. It’s the same lawmaker who pushed for the road to be renamed in honor of McGwire after his 1998 home run fueled season. [Read More]